Jenne Hayes

CMT, CPT, yt200

Welcome!  A bit of background about me:


I have been working in the health and wellness community of San Francisco for over a decade.  My background in Massage Therapy began in 2008 after graduating from the National Holistic Institute and my wellness practice expanded into Personal Training and Yoga in 2014, after passing the NASM certification exam and graduating from Mount Madonna Center's wonderful teacher training program.  If there is one thing certain about me, it is my commitment to helping others activate their own capacity to heal. 

My massage sessions are customized, intuitive, non-invasive or painful and rooted in Western style (i.e. Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Therapy).

My public yoga classes are upbeat, dynamic and soul-filled.  I believe the body is a vessel for the spirit and yoga is the practice of coming into that remembrance. 

My hobbies since girlhood have been Astrology & Tarot.  I have been studying both for over 15 years, however, it was only within the past 7 years that I have done these professionally.

Other passions of mine include:  Ayurveda, Creative Writing & Art.  

See to ready poetry along with my monthly horoscopes!

I look forward to meeting you!


Jennie Hayes